Mindful Birthing               

  Mindfulness based childbirth and parenting courses ~ London and Surrey

Mindfulness practice, and the inner skills we cultivate though it, offers great potential to grow and nurture ourselves as we grow and nurture the next generation”

Nancy Bardacke

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My name is Ann Wood and I teach Mindful Birthing courses in Surrey & London. I trained at Oxford University and I have been teaching the MBCP (Mindfulness based Childbirth and Parenting) course for the past two years. I have also trained to teach the Finding Peace in a Frantic World and will be training to teach Mindfulness in Schools (MISP, paws b) in the Autumn. If you would like details about either of these two courses please email me.

Warmest wishes, Ann

Mindfulness based childbirth and parenting (MBCP) is an innovative and comprehensive antenatal course which combines the traditional elements of an antenatal course with the opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness. Whilst the main focus of the MBCP antenatal course is on pregnancy and birth, the course also presents an opportunity to think about the needs and wellbeing of the whole family.

The MBCP antenatal course offers the opportunity to:

  • Meet other expectant parents
  • Learn how to cope with the emotional experience of pregnancy and birth
  • Regular mindfulness practice
  • Practice mindful movement / yoga
  • Learn about the stages of labour and birth
  • Discuss and practice mindfulness strategies for giving birth
  • CD’S and reading materials
  • Learn about and explore your own parenting approaches and communication skills

“The initial evidence is very compelling, with reported changes not only in the experience of childbirth, but also in the relationship with the baby afterwards”. 

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