Mindful Birthing               

  Mindfulness based childbirth and parenting courses ~ London and Surrey


Free taster session!

If you would like to meet and learn more about the course, please get in touch. I offer everyone who is interested in doing the course a free, no obligation meeting (includes cake and coffee!).

Antenatal course (9 week course & 1 retreat day )

MBCP is a nine week antenatal course for expectant couples (although people are also welcome to attend on their own).

It is usually offered as a group session, however, private 1:1 sessions can also be arranged.

The full course consists of 9, 3 hour sessions, one full day of practice (offered at the end of the course) and a reunion class. This antenatal course offers expectant couples a sense of community among others who are also experiencing this period of transition in their lives. Each session includes an interval - conversation and cake is an important element of this course!

In addition to  32 hours of contact time with the facilitator, home practice is also an essential element of the course. Group members will also benefit from the course materials , including the CD's and a mindful birthing handbook.

Mind in Labour Retreat

This course can also be taken as a weekend workshop - Mind in Labour. The next course will be held in the Autumn.

Private courses

If you would prefer a private course please get in touch. This can either be at your own home or in a suitable venue.

Online courses

If you are interested in doing the course but don't live in the local area, please get in touch. I can offer online courses or help you to find a mindful teacher in your local area.

To register your interest in attending any of these antenatal courses, please get in touch.